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Customised Geocaching Stamps

We have been producing Geocaching Pocket and Pen stamps for over five years now and we have honed our skills over this time to be able to offer a rapid and personalised service.

Our range of Geocaching stamps are both reliable, reasonably priced and customisable. Choose a design you like or have us design a custom one for you to use when out and about Geocaching.

Why Use A Geocaching Stamp?

Geocachers use personalised stamps for numerous reasons such as wanting to leave their own mark on a geocaches log to being able to quickly sign a logbook when there are lots of muggles around. A customised stamp lets you leave a little part of your own personailty in a logbook for all to see and we allow you unpresedented choice in your deisgn.

Oh, and I almost forgot they are a lot of fun as well.

With our new software you can create your own design to give you a truly unique geocaching stamp.

Our stamps are available in a range of colours, and come complete with a black ink pad. Perfect for keeping in your geocaching bag or pocket, to make it quick and easy to sign the logbook.

If you choose one of our stock designs simply decide which design you want, the case colour and let us know the text you want to add to the stamp

Or if you would like to add your own artwork, send it to us, together with the text you require, for a totally unique stamp

To see the choice available go to our shop or click here

The ink pads are replaceable, but the ink will usually last for quite a while, we even had one geocacher tell us that the ink pad was used for stamping over 300 caches before it needed changing.

Manufacturing Process

We use a laser engraver to cut out our stampsWe use Colop stamp bodies and these are the very best available. Our stamps are cut out of a solid sheet of stamp rubber using a laser engraver. This allows us to produce outstandingly clear designs accurately and the precision afforded by a laser engraver over comparable systems means that our stamps are the very best available.

We can manufacture them inhouse at a much cheaper price than some of the bigger companies on the net.

Check our range of stamps HERE.