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Visual depiction of the GPS satellite constelationA visual example of the GPS constellation in motion with the Earth rotating. Notice how the number of satellites in view from a given point on the Earth's surface, in this example at 45°N, changes with time.

GPS satelites circle the globe A handheld GPS works out your position on the globe by triangulating it, using several satellite signals to work out where you are.

Since the removal of the US military's "Selective Availability" accuracy now can be within a few feet with a good new GPS.

Geocachers use their GPS to guide them to the location of hidden caches, the locations for these caches are listed on several internet sites.

The main ones are listed on our links page.

Once a geocacher gets to within a few feet of a hidden cache they then start looking for it.

Accuaracy can vary with the weather conditions or whether or not you are travelling under foliage or near other obstructions such as buildings