Sell your geocaching products from home

Published : 18/06/2016 10:30:57
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Sell your geocaching products from home

Sell your geocaching products here

We want to open up our shop to all of the geocachers out there who make their own bespoke caches and struggle to sell them on E-bay and Etsy. We want to make our site the defacto choice for anyone who wants to find unique, quality geocaches and so if that is something that you can contribute to then great.

Why sell your wares here?

We are a geocaching shop not a makretplace that has a small section for geocachers, this means that almost everyone who arrives here does so looking for geocaching products to buy and that makes it the perfect place for your products.

What's the catch?

Like everything there are some things to consider. We would charge a small percentage on each sale just like E-bay and Etsy as we have overheads to cover. You would have to commit to providing the same excellent customer services that we have made our name doing as you would be selling here benefiting from our reputation and reliability. That's about it really, if you already sell online then all it is really is another sales outlet, but one with targeted traffic.

How would it work?

If we get interest then we will provide this service and you would just have to create a sellers account and agree to some basic terms and conditions. Our system would then create your own storefront and sellers profile. You can then add your own products and you have complete control of the pricing and shipping options and we would then publish it for you. Your products would appear in your own store and also amongst our products on the site and this is where you will get the most exposure.

Your customers can then add your products to their carts together with our products giving them great choice. The system would then add applicable postage charges before accepting payment. You would then imediately receive the payment for your products less our admin fee and you would receive your part of the postage charge so that you can immediately fulfill the order.

Your admin panel is where you control your orders and can see your reports and statistics together with payments that you have received.

Why would you offer this opportunity?

We started off working from a spare room and have grown over the years and so we know how hard it is for anyone starting out in business and we would rather work with you than against you. That's it really, let's build a great resource for geocachers and become the place to come to for interesting bespoke geocaching products.

OK, so what now?

If you like the sound of that then feel free to get in touch and we can get it set up, start building up your sales today.

Happy Caching,


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