New Range Of Rock Geocaches - Coming Soon

Published : 24/01/2019 09:03:55
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New Range Of Rock Geocaches - Coming Soon

Rock Micro Caches and Medium Caches

We have been developing our own geocache rocks since the New Year and are almost ready to go into full production on them. These rock caches are similar to the old ones that are no longer in production.

We have strived to create the most realistic looking rock caches at fantastic prices and initially, they will be available in two sizes and three colour combinations.

The level of detail on them is outstanding and they can be placed out without any painting on your part. You can, of course, dry brush them to give them even more realistic finish but they blend in nicely as they are.

Each features a slide out base that conceals the logbook and pencil and the Medium Cache even has enough space inside for a small Travel Bug to take up residence.

New Rock Geocaches coming soon

The picture above shows the first three rocks out of the mould and the digital design file on the left.

Hopefully, we intend to bring out even more designs and shapes in the future. Sign up for our newsletter to stay abreast of development and to be the first to own one of these fantastic geocaches.

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