Canine Geocachers

Published : 02/07/2016 06:07:11
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Canine Geocachers

Canine Cachers - Mans Best Friend

We all love dogs (well most of us do) and they become part of the family and let's face it geocaching is a great excuse for taking them out for a walk. Some cachers even use their dogs to help look for geocaches whilst others enjoy letting them just enjoy the walk. What do you call your geocaching four-legged friend? Some common names for them are canine cachers and geodogs.

So how can you make it more fun to include your canine cacher in the wonderful activity of geocaching?

Well, the most obvious one is to make them trackable so that other geocachers you meet can log their discovery one great example of this is "Gideon" Caching Canine. This lovely little canine cacher (he's so cute) has been discovered over 1,700 times and has covered over 11,600km in Canada whilst geocaching.

You can buy Trackable tags to attach to a dogs collar specifically for canine cachers such as the Log My Dog Trackable Tag, or you can even get Trackable Dog Collars.

Now, expert dog trainers all say that dogs enjoy exercise and it is important to their health and well being. Ceasar Milan is a big advocate of dog packs and this can be a great idea when out geocaching. Your canine cacher can carry his or her own water and treats and also geoswag in a purpose designed dog backpack. This way they get added exercise and work and you can take it easier and concentrate on finding those geocaches. Check out the Scamper Packs from Bison Designs, they are amazing.

Geocaching with dogs can be enormous fun and let's face it dogs just love exploring new places and being along for the trip.

Top Tip: If you are out geocaching with your canine cacher don't forget to take extra water for your friend and always practice CITO if you know what I mean.

As a footnote, here is a pic of my little geodog - Emma

Emma my geocaching Chihuahua

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