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You will find here all of our Trackable Items.

Trackable items to release into the wild or to keep. We carry official Travel Bugs

together with our range of custom trackables to give you a great choice.

All of these items can be tracked on!

Trackables There are 44 products.


  • Geocoins

    Check out these stunning Geocoins

    Geocoins are lots of fun to collect or to release into the wild.

    Top-Tip: Keep one in your pocket when out caching so that you can

    introduce it to other geocachers when out and about.

    You can also dip it into caches as you log them to record your own mileage!

  • Accessories

    These items are all to do with travel bugs, geocoins and all of the other

    trackable items.

  • Travel Bugs

    Travel Bugs are the original trackable items and still firm favourites to this day.

    Grab a TB and attach it to an object before releasing it into the wild to see

    where it goes.

  • Trackable Tags

    Trackable tags are a cheapand fun way to place items out in the

    wild for you to track online as they travel from cache to cache.

    Simply attach a tag to an item and give it a mission and other

    geocachers will help it on its way. With lots of great designs to

    choose from there is something for eveyone.

  • QR Tags

    QR Travel Bugs are a great way to release an object into the wild

    and geocachers with a modern mobile phone can use their camera

    to quickly open your trackables mission page.

  • Novelty Items

    This category has lots of funny and quicky trackable items to

    choose from. Grab one to release into the wild.

  • Log My Dog

    Everybody loves mans best friend so whay not make yours

    trackable on these products allow other

    geocachers to log their discovery of your pet and they are

    alot of fun

  • Trackable Gear

    Trackable gear for you to wear or use when out geocaching

    they allow other geocachers that you come across to log finding

    you and can be used to track your own mileage when out


  • Awards & Milestones

    Celebrate your geocaching achievement with these amazing

    achievement geocoin and geopin sets. They make great gifts

    for geocaching friends who have reached a milestone.

  • Patches

    Trackable geocaching patches to attach to your kit to allow

    other geocachers to log finding you. We have some great designs

    some of which even glow in the dark.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 44 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 44 items