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Everything from lanyards to specialised kits and tools, we carry a great

range of geocaching gear to make your sport easier and more enjoyable.

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  • Pet Gear

    Lots of us take our pets geocaching with us and this category has some great

    products for your geo-dog. Why not make your pet trackable so that other

    geocachers can discover it.

  • Flashlights & Torches

    You should always think about carying a torch with you when out and about

    and why not carry a trackable one make specifically for geocaching.

    Having a torch with you will make it easier to check out dark spaces and it

    also is a great safety product incase you get delayed and it goes dark.

  • Lanyards

    There have never been so many geocaching lanyards to choose from, keep

    your GPS safe from the risk of dropping it by attaching it to a lanyard.

    The added bonus of using a lanyard is that you can keep both hands free to

    help you on the trail.

  • Vehicle Gear

    From magnetic clings to window clings, why not make your car trackable

    so that other geocachers can discover it wherever you go.

    Imaging getting home to find that your car has been logged whilst you

    were out geocaching or just plain old shopping.

  • CITO

    We should all practice CITO (Cache In, Trash Out) when out geocaching and

    using some of these great products will show others that you are actively

    caring for the environment as well which is good publicity for geocachers


  • TOTT - Tools Of The Trade

    Great tools and gadgets or should we say TOTT (Tools Of The Trade) to help

    you out and about geocaching, camping, walking or just enjoying the countryside.

  • Packs & Gear

    Everyone has their favourite geocaching bag, check out these amazing designs

    that are both very comfortable to wear for long periods and also very practical.

    Whether it be carrying your SWAG, or survival gear they perform the job well.

  • Bisons Design Products

    Bison Designs are a US based company preoducing some very nice products that lend

    themselves to geocaching. We are delighted to be able to stock some of their wares.

  • Camo Gear

    Use camouflage products to help hide your geocaches out in the wild.

    We stock a range of products to help you create easy to hide and yet

    difficult to find caches.

  • Paracord Gear

    Paracord is a great material and these products are designed for gecachers

    or survivalists who are looking for great paracord products.

    Did you know that one strand of Paracord will hold up 550lb/275kg of weight?

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Showing 73 - 76 of 76 items
Showing 73 - 76 of 76 items